The Humble Southpaw    

A Southpaw’s

 perspective on Firearms and EDC gear!

Tucker Gunleather DC-3 Holster

Deep Carry DC-3 is a hybrid holster which combines polymer (Boltran) and leather (Herman Oak Cowhide) construction.


Powertac M5 Gen3

The Powertac M5 Gen3 is an all-purpose and edc flashlight. The M5 Gen3 has a 2,030 lumen max output and features a magnetic charging port. As one of the most compact 18650 lights available for pocket carry, this light is perfect for everyday carry in your car, purse, or backpack.

viktos upscale 2 slingbag

Larger than a chest slung fanny pack, but smaller than current tactical slingbags, the Upscale 2 CCW Slingbag was designed for your minimalist concealed carry and EDC needs.

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